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If you are reading this, then you know, we are expecting baby #2! And...if you didn't know, you do now - consider yourself in the loop! 

Check out our "Growth Chart" page to see week to week insight into how the pregnancy is going!

Ultrasound went well - and we now know that we have a BOY on the way!!!

Please sign the guest book, letting me know you've stopped by to check on us!

If you want to check out the stuff I want to buy for the baby, then take a peak at the 'registry' page! Don't worry about buying me anything - if you feel the need, just donate to the March of Dimes (there's a link on the left side). Thanks!

You should see the video in the "Announcing to Family" of my daughter telling my mom...way cute!

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Baby Culbertson

Saturday, August 18, 2012